Tatiana from More Than Expected praises her mother: “You are fine” |  RTL Street

Tatiana from More Than Expected praises her mother: “You are fine” | RTL Street

Recently, Tatiana began to appear daily on the program “More Than Expected”. The single mother of triplets shows what life is like with three kids. She sometimes gets help from her mother. To thank her, Tatiana posted a poem to her mother on Instagram.

“Sometimes when I'm angry, we can also have a nice bickering.”

“What a wonderful, funny, very beautiful grandmother with beautiful hair,” Tatiana wrote. “Girls are crazy about you and always enjoy it when you come over. You are my helping hand when I need you or when I just want to laugh. It's not always peace and quiet between mother and daughter, but it's allowed. “Sometimes when I'm angry,” she wrote using laughing emojis “We can also have big arguments… intensely as well.”

“It's so special to watch you grow as a grandmother and I'm increasingly realizing how special that is! You're so well, Grandma! She continues cheerfully. Grandma is always there not only for Tatiana, but also for her triplets Hope, Faith and Charity.” The girls certainly realize “What they have and they will later look at how wonderful their grandmother is.”

Tatiana doesn't always have an easy time as a single mother, but fortunately her mother is always there for her. “I'm proud of the way you approach life and that you share so much love.” She concludes with the words: “Thank you for being there for us.”

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