Helen Hendricks causes trouble today inside for the men as De Oranjezomer returns

Helen Hendricks causes trouble today inside for the men as De Oranjezomer returns

Helen hendricks success gives men Today inside Trouble next summer. In the summer months, Wilfried Jenny, Johan Dirksen and Rene van der Gijp came up with Orange summer on television, but that program name has now been “hijacked” by Hendrix.

This is written MediaCurrent At least Wednesday afternoon. Over the past Christmas break, Hendricks once again filled the gap left by Jenny, Derksen and Van der Gijs during their short vacation and presented the winter edition of her talk show for two weeks, Orange winter. For next summer Orange summer Get back on track. The talk show will return after the final sixth broadcast (mid-May), and Hendrix will then make way for the Three Gentlemen again before the European Championships begin.

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But the European Championship VI program should be given a different name. “So we can no longer be called Oranjezomer during the European Championship. We are now looking for a name. Today within Oranje or today within the European Championship. If you have a nice name…”, quoted Jenny as saying by the website. The people behind Mediacourant have a suggestion for the show's title: “The abbreviation VI Oranje is of course also an option, but since Hélène will also be back in the summer with De Oranjezomer, this could be confusing. Perhaps SBS 6 will choose to simply use the name to keep Inside today, or In Actually to add “EK” after it”.

On July 14, the day of the European Championship final in Berlin, the summer program of Jenny, Derksen and Van der Gijn can be seen for the last time. Hendriks will take charge temporarily again, until the start of the Eredivisie. It was announced last week that the first round of the 2024/25 season will kick off on Friday 9 August. “Why is it so early? What kind of nonsense is this? This is three weeks after the European Championships!”, says Jenny, who is still on vacation.

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