Rachel Hazes confirms her love for Surrender founder Claes Otto

Rachel Hazes confirms her love for Surrender founder Claes Otto

At the beginning of this year, it was already announced that Rachel and Klass are having a “very nice” time with each other. However, Rachel at the time denied having an affair.

Now it seems that the two love birds are a couple. On Saturday evening, a photo appeared on Rachel’s Instagram of her kissing with the founder of “No Surrender” and convicted criminal Kallas. “No need for words,” she writes with a heart behind her.

However, not everyone is equally happy with a kissing cat. Shortly after the photo was posted, his ex-girlfriend allegedly hacked Klass, then eloped using his Instagram account. Klass quickly responded – with a drink – to refute the texts that appeared in his story: “That doesn’t make sense. My account has been hacked. My daughter is Rachel Hazes. Here it is.”

Who is this guy Rachel spends her time with? His name is Klas Otto and the two are no strangers to each other. Klass is the founder of the much discussed No Surrender Motorcycle Gang. Klaas became known to the general public after being accused of extortion, aggravated assault and money laundering worth 1.3 million euros.

He was subsequently sentenced to six years in prison. Kallas appealed, and was released in 2020, after being detained for three years and four months.

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