Taliban wants to stop evacuating Afghans, foreigners get another week

Taliban wants to stop evacuating Afghans, foreigners get a week

The Taliban no longer wanted to allow Afghans to go to Kabul airport for evacuation. This was stated by spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid at a press conference. The road to the airport is closed. Foreigners are still allowed to go to the airport, but in principle the evacuation of foreigners should end after August 31.

So the Taliban no longer wants Afghans to flee abroad and are asking the United States not to encourage citizens to leave the country. The spokesman said the country in particular needs highly educated Afghans.

“If they do not want the Afghans to leave, they can check passports and only allow foreigners to pass,” said reporter Aletta Andrei on NPO Radio 1. I worked for Western organisations.

The United States will not stay in Afghanistan anymore

The spokesman reiterated that the August 31 deadline would not be extended for the evacuations and that foreign troops should disappear after that. The Taliban called it a “clear violation” if the foreign military did not leave the country by then. Mujahid says foreigners have enough time to leave Afghanistan.

US officials have told international news agencies that the US plans to stay no later than the end of August. Chancellor Merkel also reported this after consulting with the G7 countries. With this, President Biden is in line with the Pentagon’s advice not to stay on longer. However, it has been emphasized that the Taliban must cooperate in the evacuation attempts until then.

working woman

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During the press conference, a journalist asked again about the Taliban’s position on working women. According to the group, women do not lose their jobs, but in practice this is not always true.

“The spokesperson said it was better for the women to stay at home for their own safety for the time being. He said it was temporary,” Andre says.

Who are the Taliban and what do they represent? Watch it in this video:

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