Swapfiets is among the ten fastest growing European FT companies

Swapfiets is among the ten fastest growing European FT companies

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The Dutch startup Swapfiets is one of the ten fastest growing companies in Europe. The British business newspaper The Financial Times, in conjunction with research firm Statista, calculated this on the basis of compound annual growth of the companies.

Outside of the top ten, other Dutch companies are bunq (15th), technology company Mews Systems (24th) and fast-charging station operator for Fastned electric vehicles (31st). The fastest European farmer was British Bulb Energy, the UK’s largest green energy supplier. In second place, it ranked Sun Finance, an online credit provider from Latvia.

The Financial Times ranking is based on numbers from 2016 to 2019. So the impact of the corona pandemic is not yet visible. According to the newspaper, the list, whose full baseline report will be published on March 22, shows well how the fastest-growing companies achieved shortly before the impact of the pandemic.

The Financial Times said Swapfiets grew in absolute terms by more than 5,500 percent in the period studied. The company that provides bike subscriptions has also grown significantly in the past six months, especially in large cities abroad. Swapfiets announces that the number of bikes in Berlin, Brussels and Copenhagen has doubled.

The company now has more than 200,000 clients. A year ago, the meter still had 100,000 subscribers. The bikes with the distinctive blue front wheels can be found in more than 50 cities in four countries.

At Swapfiets, you pay a flat monthly fee for a bike. In the event of a defect, such as a punctured tire, the bike will be repaired within a day at a location of your choice.

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