Why China has 100 times fewer Corona deaths than the United States

Why China has 100 times fewer Corona deaths than the United States

More than 500,000 deaths due to Corona in the United States, and fewer than 5,000 in China. More than a year after the outbreak of the epidemic, the American superpower regrets a hundred times more than China. Is one system better equipped for a pandemic than another?

The numbers are not in dispute. They come from the accredited Corona Research Center at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. However, doubts are often heard about the remarkably low number of victims in China. The Chinese must have been deceived, now is a watershed. You should always take numbers in Chinese studies with caution, but I assume Johns Hopkins is credible. This is also very important for China to cheat after they clearly missed the boat with problems quickly surfacing, ” he says. Connecting dams, Clingendael Institute China expert. He does not rule out the possibility that the actual death rate may be slightly higher than the official death rate of 4,834, now listed, but it certainly will not come close to the numbers that America is dealing with. Either the Chinese President Xi He led his country through the crisis many times better than she is gone now Donald Trump. Chinese society and the economy are now operating almost normally again, in the United States and Western Europe, and that moment is gone for a while.

In fact, the difference is not surprising. Because as China was expanding its medical facilities for years after failure and the party leadership faced mismanagement in the approach to the SARS virus in the years 2002-2003 (8,000 deaths worldwide, two-thirds of them in China and Hong Kong) erupted there, Donald Trump’s administration ended in the last years of Almost everything in the field of epidemic prevention that was built in the era of its predecessor Barack Obama. Trump did not see the danger and slashed US RIVM budgets. The Americans broke it when the pandemic that virologists had predicted spread around the world for years.

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Blacked out “Once the Coronavirus has been identified, China has shown fairly effective leadership. The big difference in deaths is basically an embarrassment to the US government before it deserves the praise of the Chinese system.”

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Blacked out “Of all the mistakes made in the SARS epidemic (from simply denying its existence to choosing to protect the economy and state image rather than public health), the Chinese Communist Party learned in particular that stronger and faster political leadership was needed in the ensuing crisis. Regional leaders could also intervene at the local level this time, although China still had to catch up with COVID-19, while effective policy in South Korea and Taiwan was already in place.

They really did better than China and they are democracies, right. It shows that it is thus possible to pursue an effective policy on Corona in different types of political systems and that you cannot simply attribute Chinese success to a rigid, coercive approach in which no contradiction is permitted. “

Just as SARS confronted the Chinese with shortcomings in their health system, Americans have learned a similar harsh reality with COVID-19. In explanations of why things might get out of hand in the Trump era, it is often said that Americans simply do not allow themselves imposed rules while the Chinese do. The Chinese could not refuse the masks, and critics and whistleblowers were muzzled. However, the notion that the Chinese are listening better to government is often overestimated in the West, Dams says.

Blacked out When you want to talk about national cultures, the Chinese are not at all disciplined and submissive. So, if this is to be a superpower, it is not the power of China. Not popular discipline, but experience and knowledge in China were the most important factors of Chinese power. ”

What Donald Trump did well was fully committed to vaccines. They are now available, and if vaccination also begins, Americans will also contain the virus quickly, as expected. Maybe faster than the Chinese, who have to vaccinate more citizens. They do this with quickly produced vaccines that citizens do not necessarily trust. In the past, China has been plagued more than once by tampering with vaccine expiration dates in other epidemics. Although those involved were punished harshly, ten years ago, 70 percent of the Chinese surveyed said they did not trust vaccines. This feeling is deep and can become a problem.

In all of this, the question remains sensitive: How did all the misery begin and what role did China really play in it? The World Health Organization is still conducting research. Dams hopes WHO researchers, including the Dutch virologist Marion Copmans, To be able to give an honest reflection on their recent research in Wuhan.

Copmans “So, according to the same research criteria that you would like to do as a WHO in a society where there is no such strict oversight and no influence on the research. I wonder if that is politically possible within the WHO, because I understand that that organization is afraid to be more Anchored in the system rivalry between the US and China How to walk that tightrope is going to be a challenge By the way, I think it’s a good thing that Marion Copmans went there, we should also see the courage of that.


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