Gain AEX, Prosus and Shell in the lead |  Financial

Gain AEX, Prosus and Shell in the lead | Financial

The AEX index rose 0.7% at 667.8 points. AMX is recording 0.6% gain versus 995.4 points.

Equity markets elsewhere in Europe are also higher.

Today investors are looking to UK investment and tax plans to boost the UK economy. The British pound fell 0.2% to $ 1935.

In Asia, Japan’s Nikkei index, after losing on Tuesday, closed 0.5% in increase. Shanghai will gain 1.8% and Hong Kong 2.3%. Tech companies show a feather. Cyclical companies such as steelmaker Nippon Steel and Nissan Motor Co. reported profits of 6% and 3%.

Smartphone maker Samsung wants to build four chip plants in the United States for $ 17 billion, according to Reuters.

In Asia, the monthly figures according to the Caixin / Markit Index of 51.5 indicate a slight slowdown in the Chinese services sector. This is the lowest growth in ten months.

Optimistic New York

In New York, futures contracts before the stock market opening in the past third and a half have risen 0.5% to 0.8%.

The Dow Jones Index closed on Tuesday with a loss of 0.4%. The tech Nasdaq fell 1.7%, and the tech company Apple fell 2.1%. Auto maker Tesla fell 4.5 percent.

Fed Executive Director Brainard said that US central banks do not intend to reduce economic support anytime soon. Brainard sees a recovery in the US economy and also states that he will “closely monitor developments in the bond markets”.

On Wednesday, the interest rate on 10-year US government bonds will drop a few basis points to 1.407% from 1.6% last week.


More vaccination news came through. In the Netherlands, anyone could have had a vaccine in June, according to Minister De Jong (Public Health).

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In the United States, President Biden reported that the vaccine will be available to all adult Americans by the end of May. According to European Commissioner Terry Breton, the European Union will increase production capacity for Corona vaccines to three billion doses per year by the end of 2021.

The weakening of the euro

The euro is trading 0.2% lower at $ 1209. Brent oil is 0.5% higher at $ 62.90 a barrel ahead of this week’s meeting of OPEC and partners such as Russia.

Gold is down an additional 0.2% from an eight-month low of $ 1,730 an ounce (31.1 grams). Cryptocurrency Bitcoin rose 5% to $ 49,622.

Bruceus leads

The Technology Investment Fund is listed among the major funds Positives 3.4% profit. Steel maker ArcelorMittal 3% wins and the oil and gas group Just eat takeaway It increases 1.5%.

The biotechnology fund note is at the bottom Galapagos (-1%), slideshow maker ASMI (-0.5%) and payment processor Convicted (-0,1%).

The industry is leading the way with stainless steel makers among medium-sized funds Aperam (+ 1.9%) and Alberts Industries (+ 1.6%).

Farming It announces after-market quarterly results and is trading at a loss of 0.5%.

Construction company Bam (+ 2.6%) leads small businesses.

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