Stove window full of soot?  This makes it easy to clean!

Stove window full of soot? This makes it easy to clean!

You can watch a beautiful fire show for hours. But what if the window of your wood stove is covered in soot and you see nothing but an orange haze? A big shame of course! Scrubbing with chemicals is not a good idea with fire. In this case, water alone will get you nowhere. Fortunately, there is a very easy trick with which you can remove this dirty sooty haze with ease. And… you don't have to leave the house, because you already have everything at home!

Wood stove window cleaning

To clean the stove window, it is recommended to burn the stove at full power, so that the soot particles can burn out. But there is a high probability that the window will remain covered with soot after that. In this case you can use the following trick. To do this, you just need some kitchen paper, newspaper or toilet paper, some ash and water.

A little tip: only do this when the stove has cooled down!

  • Step 1: Moisten a piece of kitchen paper or some newspaper with water and make a ball out of it.
  • Step 2: Dip the plug in the ash remaining in the wood stove.
  • Step 3: Rub the inside of the glass with the pad. If all goes well, you will immediately see that the glass has become cleaner.
  • Step 4: If necessary, repeat the previous step until all soot particles are loosened and the glass becomes transparent again.
  • Step 5: Finally, take a clean piece of paper with which you can wipe the last soot off the window.
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Now your fireplace window is crystal clear again and from now on you will have a sharp view of the flame again. We tried this ourselves too:

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Prevent stove soot

Although this advice is helpful, prevention is of course still the best option. How can you prevent soot deposits as much as possible? By ensuring good combustion first. The following is very important:

  • Make sure you have enough appetite. Good smoke extraction is essential for this purpose and the flue must also be suitable for the type of stove.
  • Use clean, dry wood. A humidity level between 15 and 20% is ideal!
  • Turn the stove on as fully as possible. You throttle the burner with less force, which also reduces combustion.

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