Researchers: Dating sites don't treat all users equally

Researchers: Dating sites don't treat all users equally

Popular users generate more sales

This is simply because popular users generate more activity on the site because they get more likes and more orders.

He. She research It also showed that there is often much less discrimination in the early stages of a dating site, because a high number of matches enhances the site's reputation and can attract new users. As a dating site continues to exist, algorithms may focus on generating more revenue, and this may lead to increased discrimination as the most popular users are primarily recommended.

“Although we focused on a specific dating platform, our model and calculations can be applied to similar platforms that provide recommendations to their users and where users have different characteristics,” said assistant professor and co-author Elena Huang from the University of California. Washington.

Based on their study, the researchers argue that dating sites should be fairer to their users by informing them about how their algorithms work. However, they acknowledge that more research is needed on how systems can better balance user satisfaction, revenue goals, and design ethical algorithms.

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