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A developer who worked on a tweak to make the Google Pixel 6A screen work at 90Hz has stopped working. He posted the files publicly online in hopes that other developers would have time to fix existing bugs and publish the mod.

Nathan Brock, who also calls himself TheLunarixus, He says he sold his Pixel 6A And he doesn’t have enough time to work on it. the mood Now available to the public online. The main problem is the green tint that the screen gives off when it is not set to the maximum or minimum brightness. looks like a poorly calibrated screen, says The Verge.

The developer says that this issue is the reason why the mod has not been publicly released. “The rest is sedentary,” Brooke said. Modification is possible, because the Pixel 6A uses the same display controller as the Pixel 6. Samsung’s s6e3fc3 controller. It is known to support screens with a refresh rate of 90Hz. However, this mode was not present in the Pixel 6A configuration.

Brooke then copied the 90Hz mode timings from the Pixel 6 driver and added them to the Pixel 6A driver, along with some tweaks to the height and width values, since the Pixel 6A’s screen was slightly smaller. Currently the mod works by flashing the custom vendor_boot partition. Whether and when there will be a public release of the mod is currently unclear. The Pixel 6A It came out in August.

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