Stefano Dominicali explains why Formula 1 has never won in America before

Stefano Dominicali explains why Formula 1 has never won in America before

Formula 1 is becoming more popular in America. There the number of fans and the number of TV viewers continues to grow, as does the number of Grands Prix. In addition to the races at Circuit of the Americas, there are now races in Miami and Las Vegas. Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali explains why the premier class has never been so successful on the other side of the Atlantic.

Meanwhile, 74 Grands Prix have been held in the United States. Formula 1 has historically settled in Dallas, Detroit, Indianapolis, Caesars Palace parking lot in Las Vegas, Long Beach, Phoenix, Riverside, Sebring and Watkins Glen. Was part of the Indianapolis 500 premier class. Now Formula 1 is the new Grand Prix on the Strip in Austin, Las Vegas and Miami.

In America without ever winning

“There’s a reason we’ve always been here [in de Verenigde Staten] “There was, but not much success,” Dominicali countered Speed ​​Cafe. “We were so arrogant, we pretended that American fans understood who we were, and we didn’t take the time to explain it in the right words and the right stories. We went there for a weekend, for three days, and pretended that everyone was really interested. That was a big mistake on our part. So we completely changed the approach. We’ve changed. As an American company, we now have the privilege of understanding that better,” he pointed out to Liberty Media.

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American fans experience it differently

“[We moeten] Understand what the mix is ​​and what the balance of this mix is,” the 58-year-old Italian continued about the balance between protecting Formula 1’s DNA and heritage, and modern, commercial needs. “The younger generation wants to lead. stock. So, for example, the simulator [F1 23], the fact that everyone can play with each other through our video games is an incredible attraction for them to feel that they are a part of this world. That’s why social media is important to them, because they want to be involved in what we do. On the other hand, of course, we have an obligation to respect our passionate fans. [We zijn aan de slag gegaan met] How to better compete, explain the technologies we use and work with them through the most informed media to deliver what they need. We need to focus on understanding that American fans have a different way of experiencing events and talking about Formula 1.”

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