‘Dutch Mafia’ Will Have To Do Without Nicky Terpstra In America: ‘Sometimes It Really Annoys Me’

With the Giro d’Italia in full swing, the focus of the gravel season is gradually shifting to the American races. In recent weeks there have been races in Valkenburg (win for Timo Kielich) and Aachen (Paul Voss), but the Dutch now make the trip to America.

The likes of Laurens ten Dam, Thomas Dekker, Jasper Ockeloen and Ivar Slik, have now come to the States to compete in Gravel Loco’s & Unbound, the most popular of them all. Called Dutch gravel drivers The Dutch Mafia. In fact, Niki Terpstra, who stopped as a cyclist last year, will also come, but the North Hollander is late. Instagram He knew he couldn’t.

‘The Dutch gravel team is going to America without me,’ said Terpstra. ‘I have to stay at home and count the days until I can cycle again so I don’t have the Gravel logo & Unbound. “My knee injury has kept me off the bike for longer than I expected and it makes me very angry at times,” says the Dutchman with a matching photo of his grumpy face.

“However, the most important thing is that I am patient and focused on a full recovery, and there are still big competitions and adventures to come this year,” says Terpstra.

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