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Breda across the border | BredaToday

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BREDA – What do Italy, Spain and America have in common? All of them have a place called Breda. We have listed them here.


Breda di Piave is located in the northeast of Italy, near Venice. A cozy village of about 8000 inhabitants, half an hour’s drive from the Adriatic coast. The historic center, including a water mill, is worth a visit.


Another Breda is in Spain’s northern province of Catalonia. This Breda is 55 kilometers from Barcelona and the famous Costa Brava. For centuries, making ceramic tapas dishes was a major source of income. The village is still known for its pottery and the nearby Montsorrey Castle.

Castillo de Montsoriu – Photo: Oscar Muñoz


In 1877, a Dutch citizen of Breda named a small village in America after Breda. This small village is located in the state of Iowa in the middle of the United States. The village has only 500 inhabitants, which is small by American standards. Yet the village has much to offer. For example, there is an outdoor swimming pool, golf course, park and bicycle course.

Breda in Iowa.

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