Lears’ David N’Gessan plays basketball in USA: ‘My dream is the NBA’

Lears’ David N’Gessan plays basketball in USA: ‘My dream is the NBA’

David N’Gessan has been playing in America for years, now with the Kansas State Wildcats. The team plays in one of America’s top leagues. But it all started for David on the basketball court in De Lier.

“I was born and raised here. So I still feel connected to De Lier,” says N’Gessan. He is back with his mother in De Lier as he has a few weeks off. Last week he also met his brother Lucas, who is a successful basketball player in Spain. David was inspired by his brother and wanted to go far as a basketball player. “My brothers and I would go here to play basketball together,” he says. He mentions the basketball court with Lear’s Sportlan.

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David started playing basketball at Westland Stars. He then moved to Lokomotiv Rijswij with his brothers. There he was picked up by scouts from America. After coming to America, he needed some time to adjust. “Of course I suddenly had to study school in English. It certainly wasn’t easy at first, but after a while you adapt and it becomes a lot easier.”

It brought success because he participated recently March Madness. It is a major tournament where top college teams compete against each other, televised live on ESPN. “It was a great experience. It was great that we got this far”, says N’Gessan. His team managed to reach the quarterfinals, but lost against the Florida Atlantic Owls.


N’Gessan’s course ends this year. He dreams of taking action in the world’s biggest basketball league, the NBA. “I’ve been dreaming about it since I was young. I want to play professionally somewhere else instead of doing it. My brother’s team will be good too.”

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