Star wars day in the best tweets

Star wars day in the best tweets

Today is the Fourth of May: a day when we commemorate the dead in the Netherlands, but also a day when many people in the rest of the world are thinking of very different things. So today is Star Wars Day. Even though the big Star Wars Celebration event just passed, some great announcements are always expected on May 4th. Or at least the offers, because many stores are taking the moment to heavily discount and promote Star Wars merchandise.

May the fourth be with you

In case you totally missed it: The reason Star Wars Day is always May 4th has to do with the English pronunciation of this date: “May Fourth.” This sounds like the famous Star Wars quote: “May the Force be with you.” A political party in the United Kingdom decided to congratulate Margaret Thatcher on her victory as Prime Minister with the words: ‘May the fourth be with you, Maggie. Congratulations!’ Maybe you didn’t expect it to be politically charged.Thankfully, it has nothing to do with politics anymore, just a celebration of Star Wars.

Until we pay more attention to George Lucas’ famous space opera on the same day every year. Today we’re celebrating fun facts about the franchise and of course, lots of creative tweets.

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