SPD chief: New German government before December

SPD chief: New German government before December

SPD chairman Norbert Walter Borgens believes a new German government with the SPD, FDP and Green Party could take over by December.

Walter Burgess argues in favor of not having endless exploratory conversations. “We can start formal coalition negotiations in October and finish by December,” he told the newspaper. the scientist.

The leaders of the Greens and the Free Democratic Party said earlier this week that they had “good initial talks” about possible cooperation in a new government. Gruen party leader Barbock and FDP leader Wesing wrote on Instagram that agreements were being pursued. “And we even found a few. Exciting times.” The two parties play a key role in a new alliance, but it remains to be seen whether they choose a government with the SPD or the CDU/CSU Christian Democrats.

Olaf Schulz’s Social Democratic Party won the German elections on Sunday with 25.7 percent of the vote. The CDU/Social Union of Armin Laschet had the worst national result in its history at 24.1 percent. Both Schulze and Lachette have previously said they want to go out before Christmas.

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