Vanessa vindt iets van Glennis Grace

Showbiz Expert Vanessa Ponteje: Glenys Grace & Son: The Shamilis Show! 

How much does Glenys Grace really regret fighting in an Amsterdam supermarket?! She seems to have intentionally raised her middle finger on her critics lately. She sang “Wrong Song” with the wrong person.

The cry of encouragement among artists is “spit in their mouth”! Glenys Grace presented well deservedly. During a performance in D.C. Melkweg, she pulled her son Anthony on stage while covering Bob Marley. They sang together Don’t Worry About Nothing (Don’t Worry About Nothing). It was after that supermarket fight, after which a stock stuffer sat at home for weeks with a concussion, rude show…

Pending an investigation into what exactly happened in that supermarket in Jordan at the end of February, Glennis Grace has already started working again. According to some, “too early” after the uproar around the singer who, according to her own words, took it from the “maternal instinct” of her son, who smoked in the store.


A few hours after the staff signaled to Anthony about the smoking ban, Glennis went with some sort of seven-man vigilante group allegedly. Not with the mouth, but with the hands, or so the tale goes. Thus, the proverbial turmoil broke out. The result was a massive quarrel.

The story did not seem unfamiliar to family acquaintances. Glinnis has often been discredited by his behavior that is not an example of civilization. But a fight… it was a different story. The police handcuffed the singer and threw her in prison for several nights.


Long story short: an apology video surfaced that could at least call into question the fullness of “sorry”. She also said in a TV interview that she has spent time in prison as she helpfully prepares for her club tour. Would she have thought about what she was doing at Melkweg last Wednesday? This duet with her son: everything will be fine.

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Everything will be fine in the end. But if I were a Glennis, I would have thought: Let me just shut up for a while. After all, it was recently canceled by Beste Zangers Live! That you and your son, for the sake of keeping courage, stand comfortably at home in the living room, right? But on stage during a tour where tickets are still available for each performance? I find it shameful, ‘spit them in the mouth’.

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