S10 Performance Commentators: “Wow, very impressive”

S10 Performance Commentators: “Wow, very impressive”

The singer was clean, clearly enjoyed her performance and showed a big smile. In the end, the S10 seemed a little emotional.


Many Dutch, known and unknown, say on social media that they are proud of her. “Clean. Really very good,” former Representative Murthy Hillkins wrote on Twitter. Journalist Lammert de Bruyne of EenVandaag agrees. Writes “well done S10”. “Beautiful, really beautiful,” presenter Tim Hoffman describes the show.

BBC song contest commentator Graham Norton was also excited. “Nice song,” he replied, “like I speak Dutch.” “Well done, S10. The audience loved it too.”

The S10 was the 11th out of 25 artists tonight. She was in a bloc full of candidates including Italy, Spain and Ukraine.

A great historic chance to win Ukraine

Ukraine is the favorite to win. Before the final in Turin, the Kaloch Orchestra had a historically high chance of winning at the betting shops with no less than 59 percent. Sweden has an 11 percent chance of winning, followed by the United Kingdom with 10 percent. The S10 is in tenth place with De Diepte.

Results are expected shortly after midnight.

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