Sergio Perez points to lack of drivers from Latin America: “Very difficult these days”

Sergio Perez points to lack of drivers from Latin America: “Very difficult these days”

Sergio Perez, 33, sees few other drivers from Latin America making the move to Formula 1 and points to the move to Europe as the biggest reason. Czecho himself had to move to mainland Europe as a teenager and pointed out that this was the biggest hurdle.

Perez is currently the only driver from Latin America in Formula 1’s opening round. Some of the best drivers have come from the continent, such as Ayrton Senna, Néslan Piquet, Emerson Fitbitaldi, Carlos Alberto Reitman and Juan Pablo Montoya. After last weekend’s show in Madrid, the six-time Grand Prix winner joined Fox Sports Due to the lack of drivers from the continent.


“The most important thing for us is that we have to come in at a very young age, so it means more involvement from the family. [Je moet] Very young, around 12 or 13, that’s when you have to leave for Europe, otherwise you’re too late,” he says. Racing in Europe is a bit different than in Latin America. “The tracks, the rules and so on, it’s very complicated. That’s why it’s so hard for Latin American drivers to break into Formula 1 these days, because it’s so hard to leave your country at such a young age.”

Future plans

Sechko himself made the switch at an early age and is now enjoying his status in Formula 1. “Formula 1 is getting bigger and it’s true that it requires more time from those who work here. But at the moment I’m happy, I’m happy with the family.” Although he has many plans for his career after Formula 1, the priority now lies in the premier class of motorsport. “When you’re in Formula 1, you have to focus on Formula 1. But the truth is, there are projects that I’m very excited about for the future, one of which is my own brand of tequila,” Perez said.

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