Serbs in Kosovo finish off roadblocks with trucks

Serbs in Kosovo finish off roadblocks with trucks

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Serbs in Kosovo have begun removing roadblocks on the border with Serbia. This is the result of talks between Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and Serb representatives in Kosovo, the Serbian state television station RTS reports.

The blockages will go away within 24 to 48 hours, Vucic says, “but the mistrust hasn’t gone away.”

Yesterday, Kosovo closed its main border crossing with Serbia due to truck blockages. Roads to other border crossings have also been cut off. Kosovo Serbs have held dozens of sieges in recent weeks to protest the arrest of a former Kosovo Serb police officer on December 10. Dejan Pantek is said to have attacked a fellow Kosovo during an earlier protest. He was released last night and placed under house arrest.

Bullying and intimidation

Tensions between Serbia and Kosovo have escalated in recent weeks following allegations of intimidation and bullying of Serbs by ethnic Albanians. Gunfire and explosions were heard near patrols by the NATO-led peacekeeping force in Kosovo. No one was seriously injured.

Serbia increased this week combat readiness of his forces on the border with Kosovo and demanded “a halt to attacks on Kosovo Serbs”. The situation has caused great concern internationally.

Kosovo believes that the Serbs in the country should act like Kosovars, but the Serbs want their own province in northern Kosovo. earlier this month, local elections Postponed due to tensions.

mission accomplished

According to Voletek, the barricades came in response to “something unbearable”, namely that Kurti and the police were determined to take control of northern Kosovo by force. “It showed Serbia’s determination to defend the people of Kosovo. This is reflected in the deployment of its armed forces, but also in the search for peaceful solutions. Peace is in Serbia’s interest,” he said.

He noted that not all Serbian demands have been met, but it is important to settle, because peace is the main goal. “The Serbs have shown their good faith.”

Kosovo declared its independence from Serbia in 2008, which was an autonomous province with a large Albanian majority until then. The secession left the Serbs a minority. Serbia, supported by Russia and China, did not recognize Kosovo. Most EU and NATO countries have done so.

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