Militairen helpen groentetuin aanleggen voor kinderhuis

Soldiers help plant a vegetable garden for the children’s home

Soldiers help plant a children’s vegetable garden.

A botanical garden was set up at Elem van de Heer’s children’s home in Suriname last week. Soldiers from the Von Freyburg Agricultural Company, a branch of the National Army in Saramacca Province, put the first plants in the ground with the children. Plant materials were also donated. In addition to making the home self-sufficient, children and supervisors gained knowledge about growing vegetables and caring for crops.

Dr. Munni Raj Singh, Director and Founder of Children’s Home, is very grateful for the support provided by the Defense Organisation.

“The Suriname Army is a positive light in a dark world. On the 25th anniversary of the Children’s Home, this is the first time we have had such support. So we appreciate this very much. Not only with plants, but also with knowledge. Kids have learned a lot from the army. “.

Elem van de Heer is a home that provides shelter and assistance to orphans, half-orphans, abandoned children and children with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The Children’s Home, which takes care of 40 children, depends entirely on its own resources.

In the first phase, cassava sticks, bird leaves, antroua, boulanger, cabbage, peppers and bananas were donated. First Lieutenant Muhammad Qadir, the acting commander of the agricultural company, said it was agreed that the army would stay in touch to donate more plant materials each month as needed.

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