Kosovo closes the largest border crossing with Serbia due to the blockade of demonstrators

Kosovo closes the largest border crossing with Serbia due to the blockade of demonstrators


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Kosovo closed its largest border crossing with Serbia because the road was blocked by trucks on the Serbian side. This is the work of protesters who want to support their ethnic relatives in Kosovo.

Tensions have risen in Kosovo in recent weeks after complaints of intimidation and bullying against Serbs by ethnic Albanians. For example, Serb employees of the Kosovo Police recently quit their jobs in protest of a decision – now reversed – to ban Kosovo Serbs from using Serbian license plates on their cars.

The release of the former policeman

Dejan Pantik, a former Kosovo Serb police officer who was arrested for assaulting police officers at a protest, has been released from prison today.

A spokesman for the Pristina court told Reuters news agency that he had been placed under house arrest. It is believed that Bantik was taken home in an effort to ease tensions in Kosovo.

After his arrest and detention, tensions escalated between the Kosovo government and the Serb minority, who are calling for Bantik’s release.

West against Russia

Yesterday, Kosovo’s interior minister said that Serbia, under the influence of Russia, is seeking to destabilize Kosovo. Serbia denies this and says it only defends the minority.

The Kremlin also voices Kosovo’s accusations against. Kremlin spokesman Peskov said, “Serbia is a sovereign state and it is wrong to talk about Russian influence.” Moscow is an important ally of Belgrade.

But Russia supports Serbia and supports the measures by which Serbia is trying to thwart Kosovo’s accession to international organizations such as the European Union and the United Nations.

The United States and the European Union want de-escalation

Serbia placed its troops on top of the country yesterday preparedness Brought. The Serbian Defense Minister said that the army was ready to use force if necessary. NATO is trying to act as an appeasement and, through Maj. Gen. Restuccia, has said it supports dialogue between all parties to ease tensions in Kosovo.

“It is crucial that all concerned avoid rhetoric or actions that could create tension and lead to an escalation of the situation,” he said. “Solutions must be sought in dialogue.”

The European Union and the United States are also concerned about the situation in northern Kosovo. They demanded in a joint statement from the US State Department Calm down.

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