Science journalist for the General Practitioner and Science Advisory Board

H&W is the most widely read and highly regarded professional title for general practitioners and those trained in science and practice. H&W publishes continuously and multimedia through a website, weekly newsletter, monthly podcasts and monthly print edition with a circulation of more than 14,000 copies. H&W is a publication of the Dutch College of General Practitioners (NHG). As a member’s term of office expires, the board is immediately looking for a member science journalist.

The Advisory Board supervises and advises the Editor-in-Chief regarding H&W’s substantive policy and can also advise the NHG Board on important policy decisions by and in connection with editors. The board is a reflection of H&W’s target groups and is made up of researchers, general practitioners, professionals, experts in healthcare, and science journalism. The council meets twice a year.

We are looking for a science journalist who has:
• Extensive knowledge and experience in the (scientific) publishing field.
• Experience and a clear vision in the field of media communication
• Convergence with (General Practitioner) Medicine
• Good Communication Skills
• Creativity
• Administrative and/or research experience (preferably recommended).
Members of the Advisory Council receive an attendance allowance.

The Submission Committee consists of the Editor-in-Chief, the NHG Association Board Chair and H&W Advisory Board Chair. The appointment will be made on June 23, 2022 by the general meeting of members, on the recommendation of the Board of Directors.

Members of the Advisory Board have a term of office of a maximum of 2 times 3 years, commencing after the official appointment by the general meeting of the members.

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know more?
Call or email our Editor-in-Chief Dr Gijs Baaten (Tel: 088506 55 00, Email: [email protected]
See also H&W . website or go to H&W podcasts overview

Send your application letter with CV to before 15 April 2022 [email protected]

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