Scala goes around the world with great success

Scala goes around the world with great success

At a time when students spend a lot of time behind their laptop while studying at home and aren’t mobile enough, Scala College has come up with a fun idea for a tour around the world. Pupils and teachers from the school participated in large numbers and the goal has now been met.

Jasper Van Doren, Lecturer in Physical Education at Scala College, talks about the idea and how the journey went around the world. He continued, “ We are, of course, in the Corona period. Schools closed again. We think it is very important to play sports, especially as a physical education teacher. As a result of homeschooling, I saw students starting to do much less exercise. PE lessons canceled. In addition to the PlayStation, which they do a lot already, they’ve also sat behind the laptop all day, taking lessons, with a lot of screen time as a result. The same goes for colleagues. Many sports clubs and the like have closed, which means you can’t do sports as much anyway.

The challenge around the world

Along with a classmate, Jasper thought of the challenge of getting students and their peers to exercise. Ultimately, Scala’s son travels the world. The cycle around the world is 40,075 kilometers long. Let’s all try to move around the world together. We did this by uploading our activities. Many colleagues and students contributed to the trip, and in that spirit, our goal was accomplished.

Ultimately, sports teachers can count on a lot of support from students and teachers. “As I explain the plan better, they get more enthusiastic. A number of students are already doing the sport anyway: They were going to drive a little over a kilometer. Actually, the other students weren’t much, but they went for a walk anyway. And we can.” Take that with us all over the world, ” says Jasper.

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Exercise more together

Besides the fact that exercise is healthy, the fun idea also provided a certain social cohesion. Jasper saw how students from all classes and colleagues competed together to achieve the same goal. Together, not only the students, but the teachers also went to achieve a certain goal, which also created a kind of competition. It had such positive social pressure which resulted in student participation as well. Everything was a bonus, whether it was a 30-kilometer bike ride or a 1-kilometer walk. ”

When the physical education teacher started creating videos about the trip, the students were only positive. We kept students informed via Instagram and Facebook. It was even crazier. “We headed to the southeast.” Via Russia, China, Indonesia, Australia, Mexico, Central America, and a little bit from the UK, so we’re back in the Netherlands, ” Jasper says of the imaginary journey.

In the end, the physical education teachers achieved their goal. Not only was this journey around the world, but it was also animate to everyone at Scala College. “I enjoyed hearing what they did from the students and seeing it reflected in the list. It is good to see that many students and teachers were enthusiastic. They contributed to achieving this goal.”

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