Chearleaders make history - look different

Chearleaders make history – look different


TIJNJE Really cool, responds Julian Schulting (20) from Tijnje. Last weekend, she and her cheerleading team from the elite Dutch athletics team Heerenveen won the European Gold in Greece in the All Girl Elite L5 class. Tjallien Keimpema (17) from Gorredijk is also a member of this nineteen-person team.

“We went through the semi-finals as the finalists. Oh my gosh, we are so close, we thought.” But, the girls said to each other, keep calm. “With super strength and as a tight-knit team, we really had a great workout in the final. Maybe a few small mistakes but a really great workout.” Then four teams were called up to the podium, perhaps finishing second or first. Poland came third, and then there was a little cry already. Switzerland ranked second and then we took first place. we shouted. And it’s great how we as a team were allowed to sing our national anthem, I really cried.”

The cheerleading squad had been unable to train and venture for a long time. “Then in April of this year we finished second in the world championships in America. We really made history there because Holland is nothing but an encouraging country. Now we are number one in Europe!”

In the Netherlands, people are quick to think of pellets when they think of cheerleading. “Cheerleading is not really related to sports here. These balls are part of it, but they are only a small part of what we do. Cheerleading is a mixture of gymnastics, dance and acrobatics. Everything is happening and it is very amazing to see.”

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For Julien, European gold is a nice end to her career. “I’m leaving encouragement now. I don’t know what I’m going to do now, but I’m going to keep working anyway.” Galen continues on the team. “It’s a flyer, the girl in the sky. You’ve taken a lot of big strides this season, a really great flyer.”

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