The murder of a British woman sparked a street safety controversy

The murder of a British woman sparked a street safety controversy

“In 2021, there will still be a curfew at the age of 45,” said Catlin Moran, columnist for the Times. “My day” outside “ends when the sun goes down. If I don’t walk the dog or run, I can’t do it anymore. Today I had to stop working at 4 pm to be able to exercise.”

“He makes such an impression, because every woman can sympathize with him,” said Home Minister Patel. “Every woman should be able to take to the streets without fear, intimidation or violence.”

Get ready for the night

Police advice during the search for Everard was also criticized that women should not go out alone at night. “We are outraged that women are expected to change our behavior to stay safe,” says activist Anna Burley. “Women are not the problem.”

Burleigh is one of the organizers of the “Night Reclaim” march to commemorate Everard, which is a Saturday rally where she disappeared. “This is a vigil for Sarah, but also for all women who feel insecure,” the call said. “The streets should be safe for women, regardless of their clothes, and wherever they live, whether day or night.”

Organizers stress that women and men are welcome to march. Others also point out categorically that men have a role to play in this debate.

“It’s not hard to find examples of misogynistic behavior in everyday life. Everyone, especially men, should say something about it,” Charlotte Knier says of where to get away from my home. “The men’s reaction shouldn’t be,” Not all men are like that, “but” I’ll do everything I can to stop it. “

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