Saudi Arabia wants to keep developing countries dependent on oil and gas

Saudi Arabia wants to keep developing countries dependent on oil and gas

Dry summer, more floods, and the extinction of animals and plants. More than three-quarters of the Dutch are concerned about the consequences of climate change for future generations, according to research by Statistics Netherlands (CBS). The percentage is the same as three years ago, but concerns have become more serious.

On the eve of the climate summit in Dubai, which starts on Thursday, the poll showed the Dutch’s opinion on climate change. It seems that not only the consequences of climate change are of concern to the Dutch people, but also the costs incurred by the government, for example, to reduce emissions. This is a source of concern for more than half of the participants (58%). Meanwhile, 44% believe the government’s climate policy is insufficient.

Dutch people have begun to think more positively about nuclear energy – seen by some as the path to a more sustainable world – in recent years. Currently, 36% of adults believe that the Netherlands should use more nuclear energy. Three years ago, this percentage was still 25 percent. It is striking that residents of Zeeland, the only province with a nuclear power plant in the Netherlands, are the most positive about nuclear energy.

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