Russian plan to wean Ukrainians from sanctuary ‘likely to fail’

Russia’s attempts to disrupt Ukraine’s power grid last winter “likely failed”. This is what the British Ministry of Defense writes in its daily update On the basis of the intelligence services. Since last month, large-scale attacks have become rare.

Russian airstrikes on civilian infrastructure such as transformers and substations began in mid-October last year. In response to the Ukrainians’ military successes at the time, Russia tried to leave the Ukrainian population out in the open. After these attacks, millions of Ukrainians were often without electricity, however Thanks to the efforts of many electricians The power grid has been constantly restored.

The British note that the worst is now over for the Ukrainian power grid. As temperatures rise on the road, Ukraine’s energy situation is likely to improve. Meanwhile, preparations have already begun to prepare the network for the upcoming winter, according to the British Ministry.

The Russian army still launched small offensives, but “they are likely to have a much smaller impact” on energy supplies, the British wrote. Meanwhile, Ukrainian network companies continue to purchase transformers and other spare parts. However, moving this equipment is a “significant logistical challenge”.

Pippin Long

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