Russian air delivers heavy winter tingles: first (wet) snow spotted in Drenthe |  internal

Russian air delivers heavy winter tingles: first (wet) snow spotted in Drenthe | internal

Cold and dry continental air from Russia will reach our country tonight through Poland and Germany, causing a ‘wave of wintry weather’ this weekend, according to meteorologists from Weather Square. “It will still be mild in the south and southwest, but in the rest of the country the temperature will drop below zero tonight,” Wouter van Bernebeek said earlier today. , Tomorrow morning the temperature will be about -1 to -3 degrees, but because of the east wind, it can feel like -5 to -10, so it is really winter. It’s also beautiful, kind of winter sports weather but without snow.”

The latter except for the provinces of Groningen and Drenthe. The first snowflakes were seen there on Friday evening. There is no doubt about the snowy landscape yet, it is basically wet snow.

This video was filmed in Emen.

The first winter precipitation is somewhat earlier than last year. Then on November 26, frost was reported in the center and east of the country.

Although it will still be dry on Saturday, heavy rain will come in from the southwest on Sunday afternoon. Then the temperature will gradually rise from the south to about 6 to 8 degrees. In the northeast it will stay between 0 and 3 degrees for a long time. “In the northeastern provinces, this might result in some snow later in the afternoon and evening. Then it turns white for a while, but that snow melts again almost immediately. It’s not like people are going to wake up in a white world on Monday morning.” .

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After the weekend, the cold clears up again and we end up in very choppy weather. Meteorologists say that winter is very far away.

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