‘Russia cannot maintain the pace of air strikes’

‘Russia cannot maintain the pace of air strikes’

internationalMar 9 ’23 19:27author: BNR Web Editor

Despite Russia’s recent airstrikes against Ukraine, Russia will not be able to “maintain the ‘frequency’ of attacks. That’s what the off-duty general, Mart de Crieff, says. They can’t maintain the frequency we saw in the first few months because Russia has fewer missiles.

According to de Creef, the aim of the Russian attacks was to “lower the morale of the population” and “to continue the flow of refugees”. He believes that this is reflected in the recent missile attacks. “Russia is basically trying to demolish the Ukrainian energy system.”

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Russia itself claims that the recent attacks were in retaliation for the attacks on two Russian villages. But de Croyde doesn’t believe much in this. We don’t even have evidence that those attacks took place on Russian soil. Then again: this is not relative. If something happens and you respond with 80 missiles and cruise missiles, which are mainly launched at civilian targets, it’s not in line with each other.

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Which, according to de Cruijff, is Russia’s goal through the attacks: to “saturate” Ukrainian air defenses. With this, Russia can attempt to land the bulk of the missiles on its target. This campaign is actually still going on, but they are now calling it “punishment”.

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Smoke rises over Kiev after new air strikes from Russia. (ANP/SIPA Press France)

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