Rumor: Intel will only come with Alder Lake K and KF CPUs and Z690 chipsets in 2021 – Computer – News

Intel may only release the K and KF models of its upcoming Alder Lake processors this year, along with the Z690 motherboard chipset. Low-rated CPUs and motherboards from Alder Lake will be announced at CES 2022.

Usually, according to well-informed sources Igor Lab Intel is currently rushing to release the first Alder Lake-S desktop chips between October 25 and November 19. This is about the Intel Innovation event, scheduled for October 27. Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger has already informed that the company will announce new products during the event.

Intel will focus on K-series overclockable CPUs, and KF overclockable chips without an integrated GPU. The chipmaker will also introduce only the Z690 motherboard chipset this year, which is dedicated to it enthusiasts. The rest of Intel’s Alder Lake lineup will be announced at CES in January 2022, according to Igor’sLAB. Motherboards with the H670, B660, and B610 chipset are also expected to rank low at CES.

Intel’s Alder Lake lineup is produced on the Intel 7 node. This is the company’s previous 10nm Enhanced Superfin process; Intel recently presented its contract with new names, which should provide a “clearer picture” compared to competing chip products. Alder Lake CPUs use a small configuration, which combines several “strong” threaded cores with some of the more economical cores for background tasks.

Alder Lake is made from the Intel 7 . process
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