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Motive Studios and Electronic Arts have shown the first pre-alpha game for the upcoming new Dead Space game in a live stream. The game will be released “at the beginning of 2023” on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, S and PC.

The new version will include a completely new sound system, according to Detailed live broadcast of the developer† Motive Studios adds the ALIVE system, which stands for adrenaline, the responsive limbic system, intelligent dialogue, vitals and efforts. Each of these terms describes a separate part of the dynamic representation of the state of the main character Isaac. For example, the company promises more accurate sounds when moving, breathing, or in tension through the system.

Plus a major upgrade to the audio system Motive Studios promised earlier Also rebuilding the rest of the game from scratch. This includes the story, characters, and gameplay mechanics.

separately More public live broadcast In addition, the improved graphic quality can be seen. A few Motive employees explain how it lies behind the Frostbite Engine. More information will also be revealed about the Peeling technology that allows enemies to be more realistically torn apart by Isaac weapons. Finally, there will also be an improvement Physics-The syllable system in the story where there is no attraction.

The original horror and sci-fi game Dead Space was released in 2008 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Subsequently, EA in partnership with Visceral Games, at the time of the first Dead Space still known as EA Redwood Shores, released three major installments in the franchise. In 2017, the studio closed. The remake is made by Motive Studios, a Canadian studio owned by EA that has previously created Star Wars: Squadrons and Star Wars Battlefront II single-player.

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