Google shows first screenshots of privacy overview for Play Store apps – tablets and phones – News

A regular Google Android phone with a decently configurable firewall for apps would be a faster solution for more privacy. Google considers it important that every application has access to the Internet. This is so you can see ads in the app but you can’t stop them by denying internet access.

(apart from catching DNS requests for ad sites, or a VPN like DNS66 that shows ad sites as non-existent)

When setting a ROM or flashing a custom ROM like Lineage, it suddenly becomes clear that this blocking of Internet access for every application is technically quite possible, but unfortunately not with official Google phones.

Since software writers need money anyway, they use ads, there are also apps that really need the internet to work, like klaverjas with others.

With apps that give me what I need or like, I buy the app via Google Play, and then you get additional functionality, among other things. But ads are also disabled.

However, some apps, like TuneIn Radio for which I paid €10, kept insisting that I go to Premium, then Platinum etc. They never wanted to use it. TuneIn Radio is an app that I don’t really recommend to people. Alternatively, there is RadioDroid / DroidRadio which doesn’t look pretty but works and uses an open source online database of all the stations people have added. TuneIn isn’t the only app that has made it spiral out of control.

TuneIn also shares personal data, of course, even after payment, even after signing up, etc.

Then there were cases when apps started uploading your photos or doing other things on your phone. It is likely that it is in the license that someone has voluntarily agreed to.

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If Google really wanted to enforce this situation as in the news item, they would have to study the license terms of all app developers, and they don’t have time for that at Google. It’s a nice lollipop. Now more privacy!

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