Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons Expansion Coming in February 2022 – Games – News

It was a first look, not a “here-everything-out-of-the-event look”.
It was also announced earlier.

For example, at the moment, we know that there are still two completely unmentioned mastery lines, and nothing is mentioned about the other maps (only Sheng Jia and Ecofold are mentioned).
I suspect other maps may be related to those mastery paths. I doubt Kaineng and Jade Sea specifically.

EoD gets a combat stand, for two, for the first time in the game. It’s more of a two-person fitting, but I’m curious to see it in action.

I’m not a big fan of fishing, but I wasn’t a fan of the mount idea originally either – I’ll give it a shot. I agree there’s still a real game-changer missing here, but it’s hard to beat the escalation and in terms of movement I think they’ve got everything they can out of it.

In addition, some other things have also been announced, such as trial weekends, a new guild hall (on the ancient island of Xing Jia Square), strikes will get challenge mode and their rewards will be adjusted. And there’s more to come than that, and I also hope to be a game-changer, but I’ll be glad when the HoT level expansion comes with good, playable info.

Additionally, there will also be WvW alliances and an engine upgrade (to DX11), so I think it’s worth it for now. While I’m still hoping for one additional cool feature, this certainly doesn’t disappoint.

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