RTV Maastricht – Maastricht Wildcats have been promoted to the highest level

RTV Maastricht – Maastricht Wildcats have been promoted to the highest level

The city’s Maastricht Wildcats, the city’s American soccer club, were promoted to the highest level of American soccer in the Netherlands on Saturday. The team, located in Sportpark West, defeated the Utrecht Dominators in Almere by no fewer than 46 to 13; High score for this sport.

The Wildcats have played in the top division of American Football in recent years. Next year they will join the best teams in the country, in the Eredivisie. The promotion caused great joy in a sweltering Almere, with the match taking place over the weekend of the 37th at the Tulip Bowl in the Netherlands.

Parents’ party
The Wildcats have already managed to beat the Dominators twice before during the regular season, which brought a lot of confidence during the final game on the Flevo Phantoms field. The tone set in previous games against the Dominators was carried out immediately during the Wildcats’ first possession. Ray Kitt scored the team’s first touchdown from Maastricht within a few minutes. Then the weather affected the game. The ball became slippery from the players’ sweat, causing it to slip through the hands several times.

Scoring progress
In the first half, approximately 100 spectators watched as many three-pointers, meaning the team could not score while in possession. In the second half, the game broke out and the Wildcats waltzed open on the Dominators. The Wildcats played a solid game both offensively and defensively. They only allowed two opposite landings.

The Wildcats owe their successful season and stellar finale primarily to a star player from Florida in the US. Quarterback (playmaker) Daquan Johnson was named Offensive MVP (Most Valuable Player) after the game. Johnson was stationed for a while as a private at the US Army base in Eggelshofen; He can continue to do his favorite sport in Maastricht.

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The American Football Association, AFBN (American Football Bond Netherlands), will soon be taken over by Maastricht. The Maastricht Wildcats Board of Directors is currently in the process of taking over the association and has big plans. “We always try to get more name recognition for the sport, both within Maastricht and within the rest of the province or country. A championship like this for wildcats obviously contributes to that. On a national level, we hope to invest more in youth departments when it becomes a full takeover Fact,” says Chantal Hewes, Wildcats Chairman and Director of AFBN.

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