European champion Oshin Derieuw will fight in Ingelmunster against Italian European champion Silvia Bortot

European champion Oshin Derieuw will fight in Ingelmunster against Italian European champion Silvia Bortot

Oshin Derieuw (34) will play her 15th professional career match to win the Intercontinental IBO title in ultra-lightweight division against Italian Silvia Bortot (37) on Saturday 30 April at the gym in Ingelmunster and not against Germany’s Nathalie Zemmerman. “A better discount than a German opponent,” says organizer Marnix Dujardin.

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Organizer Marnix Dujardin says that Oshin Derio usually does boxing (65.5 kg) and German Zimmermann (61.5 kg) with light weights.” “To reach the 63.5 kg weight to fight for the IBO super-lightweight title, it was achievable for Oshin But Zemmerman has now announced that she will only play if Oshin reaches 62 kg. “My lowest weight ever was 62,800 kg,” Ocean said. 62 or 62.5 kg is useless for me! German Zimmermann withdrew. Then she began to look for a new opponent and was finally able to come to an agreement with Italian European champion Silvia Portut. Actually a stronger opponent for Oshin. Borto fought 9 fights and won 8 of them (2 with ko) and cornered the match with zero. She became the European Lightweight Champion with technical KO in January 2019 and defended her title in October of the same year, winning on points. She became the WBF World Heavyweight Championship in 2018 and the European Champion in 2021. In 2021, she also won the Golden Glove as the best boxer of that year. Anyway, Oshin is very happy that organizers Marnix and Wouter Dujardin are giving her the opportunity to qualify for this intercontinental title in her region. “It’s the second time (first time in Roeselare, editor) that I’ve been in the ring in our province. Then somewhere between where I was born and where I live and work. People from Izegem also know me without a doubt because I’ve also lived there for a while And the Derieuw family is well known there. Vegas is in America. But she only had two weeks to prepare.” It just wasn’t possible. And maybe I’ll get another chance now that they know my name there. My focus on the Olympics waned again. I want to fight regularly for another four years and hopefully there will be one in between for a world title. But I am now concentrating on my camp in Engelmunster. “Other professional camps “April 30, there are still pretty camps on the bill,” says Marnix Dujardin. Kosovars Leridon Vazliu face Hino’s unbeaten team Stefan Voda in 8 camps. Local player Amy Naert gets Delphine Mancini as a contender who played 5 fights He won all 5. The other professional camps are Bryce Paula Gallo against Abdul Karim Sabunj and 19-year-old French Enzo Blanco against Mihi Yuris.” Tickets are on sale at Marnix Dujardin at 0485 79 58 03, Wouter Dujardin (0486 71 38 11) and the Riva Café on Gravinnestraat in Ingelmunster.

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