Rob de Niggs: It's time to say goodbye!  † stars

Rob de Niggs: It’s time to say goodbye! † stars

Emotions and shock were evident among the audience when the singer, sitting in a wheelchair, was taken to the huge stage by his wife, Henriëtte. If he’s that bad, can he still sing? This doubt was with the first song I will release you However, remove them immediately.

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“The wheelchair is a practical solution,” Rob said. secretly“I can still walk, but it’s not a good idea here, half in the dark and with those wires everywhere. Plus, during Belgium’s farewell, last November in Antwerp, there was a backing act. Then the Flemish artists sang my songs As a warm-up.We have now asked my colleagues Waylon, Trengage Osterhaus, Dani Vera, Sunny Wallis de Vries, Claudia de Brij and Pascal Jacobsen to do it in the middle so I can catch my breath now and then. But it means I’ll have to get off the stage and back in again, and that distracts my attention a lot about what it’s about: singing.”

Waylon was emotional when he met it was summer He started, because of the great honor. Rob got through Despite all the knowledge A coughing fit, but the old circus horse was just getting started again. During Trijntje Oosterhuis’ performance of the song open end You’ve heard a pin drop. Bee Pictures from the pastsung by Rob himself, the entire hall sang with all his heart.

The phone lights appeared as soon as Claudia de Brig made a beautiful version of Put a candle in front of your window he heard. Comedian Sanne Wallis de Vries, in her words a “big fan,” giggled her hand before beginning the songs. relaxation And the I want you seem. Pascal Jacobsen has become a dear friend lately, as evidenced when he and Rob Without You rich. The Bløf singer grabbed Rob’s hand and kissed him as well.

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Unusual emotional moment

On Tuesday afternoon, Rob arrived in Amsterdam as part of a long period of preparations that he has undertaken with the help of a team of specialists, physiotherapists and an otolaryngologist. He practically slept in the Ziggo Dome to prepare himself peacefully during the last hours of his career, which would hit him and his fans with blows like rhythm of the Rainmali daddyJan Klassen, trumpeterSister Ursulascared heart And the Everything that breathes He gave a lot for many years in a row. All these songs played, with Malle Babbe in particular bringing the crowd to ecstasy.

The audience gave Rob a standing ovation when he threatened to become too much for him during several songs.

It was a very emotional moment when his youngest son Julius (9 years old) gave his father a bouquet of roses that the boy could hardly carry.

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Also in attendance were his two sons, Robert and Yoshi, with their mother, Belinda Muldijk, who had flown in from Spain in the evening. Robert has recorded duet with his father, but it is not his ambition to follow in his father’s footsteps.

“It’s a pity that it ended like this,” said Rob, who will look back on this eventful evening for everyone later this week in an interview with De Telegraaf. “It couldn’t be otherwise. I feel like the disease is doing its job unequivocally, a little more each day and then it’s time to face the inevitable. Whoa. It’s a shame, because my voice is still good. It also seems like one of the The few things that Parkinson’s disease doesn’t control. But it’s okay, I’ve accepted it and given it a place in recent years. Time to say goodbye.”

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The evening ended with not for the other

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