Soy Crohn's suffers from thumb shame: 'kind of brutal'

Soy Crohn’s suffers from thumb shame: ‘kind of brutal’

Fortunately, Soy has to think long before he can name something to be ashamed of. His thumbs are exactly the same: “I have two completely different thumbs. It’s completely crooked and one is longer and thicker. The other one is small and has grown in width.”

Unconsciously, the actor tries to hide the fingers in question by folding them in his hands. However, he still regularly receives comments about it. “When someone sees my thumb, they say, ‘What is this?’ Look, what do you have? Well, you have a nice thumb. (…) You have a kind of brutality. ‘ ‘ Soy notes he always laughs about it. ‘But I’m actually thinking on the inside: Why do I have that, those thumbs? I still feel like I want to hide them.”

Soy explains that his “little hands” are also one of the reasons. Because of this, his thumb is “relatively large”. Although insecure, he is also content with his unusual fingers. “What makes me proud is that it runs in the family. My mother has this and so does my grandfather.”

Of course we couldn’t resist looking up Soy’s thumbs on his Instagram. So it doesn’t hide it well, because if you zoom in on the photos below, you can see it up close.

Fortunately, Soy was not bullied because of his thumbs up in the past, but unfortunately because of another external characteristic: “My hair. That. I felt weird.”

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