Elliot Page stays at The Umbrella Academy: This is how policymakers handle the transition |  Currently

Elliot Page stays at The Umbrella Academy: This is how policymakers handle the transition | Currently

Elliot Page will share with the world at the end of 2020 that he is transgender. The actor has just played a female character in a Netflix series for two seasons Umbrella Academy† Season 3 will appear on Wednesday and the page can be seen again. This is how the filmmakers handled the actor’s transition.

NB! This article may contain spoilers about the third season of The Umbrella Academy.

The page is famous for its starring role in the comedy Junorole in beginning And as Vanya in the first two seasons of Umbrella Academy When he wrote on Instagram in 2020, he was a transgender man. “I don’t know how to express how strange it is to finally love myself enough to pursue my true self,” he says at the time.

Netflix immediately announces the name of the page in Credits Umbrella Academy to adjust. It can be painful for transgender people to face their dead name (the name they had before their transition). makers Umbrella Academy However, they encounter a relatively new challenge as they work with an actor who has transitioned over the course of the series’ storyline.

The actor can be seen in the first two seasons as the female character Vanya Hargreaves. Hargreaves is one of the children raised and trained to save the world for the future.

In March of this year, Page and Netflix announced that the character in season three would be called Victor Hargreeves. Umbrella Academy It is based on a series of comics of the same name. The creators of the series aren’t afraid to deviate significantly from the events of the comics in the early seasons, so that doesn’t stop them here either.

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In the second episode of this season, it becomes clear how this transformation is incorporated into the story and that Victor is also a transgender man. The character reads about a former lover who died. Hargreaves heard her say you don’t realize you live in a box until someone lets you out.

The character then goes to the hairdresser to get a short haircut and introduces herself to his surroundings as Victor. He was asked who Victor was. “This is me. It’s what I’ve always been. Is this a problem for anyone?” Victor faces no resistance in his immediate environment. His friends and family are happy for him and he is being praised lightly for his new haircut.

The victor’s transition doesn’t seem to be a plot twist that the entirety of Season 3 is built around. After the characters around Victor are informed of his identity, they quietly resume the task they began.

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