Rest in Dynamo after escaping through the "Golden Group" |  Regional Sports

Rest in Dynamo after escaping through the “Golden Group” | Regional Sports

volleyballThe volleyball men of the Drisma Dynamo team started the second leg match against Oki Stromica Nikob in Skopje on Tuesday evening, knowing that after winning 3-0 at home, winning two sets was enough to reach the second round of qualifying for the Champions League. It also worked, but he got the “golden group” win for it.

Dynamo started well in Macedonia. Redbad Strikwerda knew the three missing Russian players would be there now and that Stromica would have the support of die-hard local fans. Both turned out to be true, as every dynamo service was given a hellish concert.

Dynamo didn’t distract that in the first set, he started serving hard and slipped down the set, eventually with some difficulty. However, in the next three groups, he succeeded less and less, so that in the end the “golden group” had to make the decision.

Dynamo regained the rhythm of the opening group and got two match points. The first lost due to a transmission error, but the second was hit. Due to a clumsy misunderstanding between the Libero and the striker from Strumica.


A sense of relief prevailed with Commander Joris Berkhot after that. This was a pretty tight escape, but that doesn’t matter. We are one round away. I know we learned a lot from this. More than we would have achieved in an easy 3-0 match.”

Barkhout was also very clear on the last point. ,,Did not matter. I say thus: “If it cannot be done the way it ought to be done, then it must be done the way it can be done.”

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With this victory, Dinamo will meet Benfica Lisbon in the second round of qualifying for the Champions League. The first game will be played in Apeldoorn on October 4 (7:30 pm).

UEFA Champions League, First Qualifiers: OK Strumica Nikob (MAC) – Dreamsma Dynamo 3-1 (22-25, 27-25, 25-23, 25-21). Dynamo wins the gold set: 13-15.

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