Republican political battle rages: Trump declares war on McConnell

Republican political battle rages: Trump declares war on McConnell

Former US President Donald Trump has called on his Republican party to split from Washington’s most powerful politician, faction leader Mitch McConnell in the Senate. In his longest statement since leaving the White House four weeks ago, Trump slammed the Kentucky senator on Tuesday. He described the man who made his four-year presidency so much possible: “A tough, stubborn political industrious who does not laugh.”

If the Republican senators stick to McConnell as their leader, “they will never win again,” he warned in 600 words, posting it across the website of his Save America campaign vehicle. “The Republican Party will never gain respect or power again with political leaders like Senator Mitch McConnell at the helm.” Trump also questioned the Chinese roots of McConnell’s wife Ellen Chow, who had been his transportation secretary for years.

The dismissal process is complete

Trump’s declaration of war is another escalation of the Republican Party’s power struggle. This erupted after Trump’s election defeat, the loss of two important Senate seats in Georgia early this year and the January 6 storm. Part of the party wants to return to the traditional conservative path, while Trump loyalists want to follow the former president’s nationalist populist line.

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It appears that this battle of trends has not subsided after the impeachment of the former president for his incitement to revolt around the Capitol riots. The Senate concluded last Saturday without showing a two-thirds majority for conviction. However, seven Republicans were willing to punish Trump. These dissidents now risk revenge on the former president and the parties loyal to him.

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McConnell himself voted in favor of the acquittal on Saturday, but immediately afterwards he delivered an angry speech in which he held Trump “both moral and practical.” The next day, he showed by interviewing W. Opinion article in the business newspaper Wall Street Journal, A magazine for conservative business Republicans, once again sees little of the future for Trump. He suggested that he take part in the Republican primaries next year to avoid entering all kinds of Senate races. Trumpeter On the ballot. It appears that those primaries have become the main battleground in which the battle between the factions of Trump and McConnell is settled.

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