Re-development money for PlantLab, this time 50 million

Re-development money for PlantLab, this time 50 million

Internal manufacturer PlantLab has raised 50 million euros in a new financial round led by De Hoge Dennen Capital. The money will be used to open additional manufacturing facilities abroad, including in North America and Europe. As a result, it is possible to grow large quantities of vegetables closer to the consumer without the use of chemical crop protection products. A total of Rs 120 million has been invested in the company so far.

For the past ten years, PlantLab has been focusing on patented technology for innovative urban agriculture, which is now used in the 15,000 sq m commercial production space in Amsterdam. The company is now also active in Indianapolis and the Bahamas. With only two football fields, the city, which has a population of one million, can produce enough to supply 200 grams of vegetables a day. Plantlab currently focuses on lettuce, herbs, tomatoes and cucumbers, but has also done research on a number of crops that could grow them commercially.

PlantLab co-founder Leon van Duijn and CEO Eelco Ockers, right with Jelle Roodbeen, De Hoge Dennen’s CFO.

Is ready to measure
Leon van Duijn, one of the founders of PlantLab, says: “This technology solves critical problems in our food system and is now being used in commercial production facilities in the Netherlands, the United States and the Bahamas. We are poised to increase further and have now doubled our staff.”

“De Hoge Dennen We & # 39; re excited to be investing in our growth,” says Eelco Ockers, CEO of PlantLab. “With our innovative technology, we can further design our future food system. The potential is enormous. In recent years, the Amsterdam production space has proven to be well-suited for large-scale use, such as Van Gelder and Picnic. Tough, now is the time to accelerate expansion abroad. “

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De Hoge is part of the De Rijke family’s investment and investment firm, formerly the owner of Tennen Croydwatt. It has previously invested in online supermarket picnics, shared scooter concept Felix and electric bicycle brand QWIC. CFO Jelle Roodbeen: “We hope PlantLab’s technology will make a difference worldwide. In this way, healthy and tasty vegetables will be produced at affordable prices, accessible to all and in a very sustainable manner.”

Low CO2 emissions
PlantLab’s technology makes it possible to grow vegetables and herbs worldwide, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, basil and mint. This can be done on sterile soil or even in the middle of urban areas. Thanks to the regulation of temperature, humidity and light, crops grow to their full potential, while requiring 95 percent less water and no chemical crop protection agents are used. The light comes from specially designed LEDs, which give the plant the specific color of light it needs for photosynthesis. By having spaces close to the customer and consumer, food no longer has to be transported long distances, which directly leads to lower CO2 emissions, lower costs and lower food waste.

PlantLab has its R&D hub in Den Bosch, the largest vertical agricultural sector in the world and the largest commercial manufacturing facility in Europe in Amsterdam. In addition to Amsterdam, PlantLab has manufacturing facilities in Indianapolis, Indiana and the Bahamas. In addition, size-up is expanding in the US and Europe. PlantLab now employs more than 100 people internationally.

Plant Laboratory in Indianapolis

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