Sadness of departure of High Horse Hot Couture, Glad Hermes Stay |  Regional sports

Sadness of departure of High Horse Hot Couture, Glad Hermes Stay | Regional sports

UDEN – Dinja van Liere should say goodbye to one of his top horses soon. Haute Couture goes to USA. The accompanying rider will be able to work with his other high horse towards the 2024 Olympics in Paris. Thanks to one investor, Herms will be retained for the Dutch equestrian game until then in any case.

For six years they saw each other daily, dressage rider Tincha van Leer and his horse hot coach. It will end in mid-December. Mara is sold and moved to the United States, where American athlete Katherine Batson-Chandler takes over the reigns.

It should come as no surprise to Van Lear that the owners of Juppான் von Uydert of Herewarden and Albert Trost of Trummel sold the 9-year-old mare. ,, I have known about this for some time, I do not blame them. It’s part of the game, through which they make money, but it’s a loss. You train the horse and build a bond.

High score

Haute Couture was three years old when they first met, and from the first moment there was a click between the two. ,, The first match together was very interesting. I did not ride her for long, but in the competition for young Mari we immediately reached ninety percent marks. It’s very high, it’s the highest score of the year. “


Haute Couture is very sweet and wants warmth and attention

Dinza von Lear (31)

There has not been a single moment in the last six years that she wants to highlight. “It’s all worth it and I’m glad we came this far together.” Dinja van Liere especially when they lose the bond they have together. “Hot kocher is very sweet and wants to attract attention. As soon as you enter the barn she walks towards you. She is very excited.

Dog or cat

The 31-year-old Amazon likens the bond between himself and the hot coach to the love that people have for their dog or cat. ,, but more serious. We exercise together, which further strengthens the bond. I still have some time for her to leave. I do not know exactly how to say goodbye. “

Katherine Batson-Chandler will now work with Hot Coach. ,, I do not really know her, but I know she has a heart on horses. It’s not just about her competitions, she wants to create a bond with the horses. She is so sweet and friendly. ”


Each horse has its own user manual. One will be more nervous and the other more active

Dinza von Lear


The two are in touch about Mara. Each horse has its own manual. One will be more nervous and the other more active. Haute Couture is frantic and eager to compete, you need to slow down. I explained to her how we work towards a competition and how she behaves towards certain things.

The saddle and bridle of the hot coach are also transported to the United States. “The horse is used to it.” Haute Couture will soon be getting used to the new Amazon though. ,, Easy if you have trained a horse yourself. Then the bond will be better and you will feel easier with each other. You know how to behave in certain situations. “

Van Leer and Hot Cotre felt good about each other and the results were good. The two were booked together for the last Olympics in Tokyo and they were the best Dutch mix at the European Dressage Championships in The Hague. So the sales loss in terms of the game.

Dressage rider Dincha von Lear with Stallion Hermes. © Royal van der A.


Yet there is good news for the rider from Uden. Anyway, until the 2024 Olympics in Paris, he can access his other great horse Hermes. Owner Jup von Uydert found the investor who was the co-owner of Stallion.

“I’m very happy with it,” Ryder said. “It provides security and peace of mind. Otherwise you will always feel the tension of whether the horse is being sold or not. I want to continue playing the best game and go to the games once in a while so I can ride myself with them.

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