Bente (28) bleef door corona te lang bij haar man in Amerika en mag nu drie jaar het land niet in

Pende, 28, had been living in the United States with her husband for a long time and was not allowed to enter the country

That situation will last her a long time. She sells her house and car in December and decides to move to the United States. Based on the tourist visa, she meets her husband Jonathan in Texas, who later hopes she can exchange her tourist visa for a permanent one.

The flight was canceled

But unfortunately the corona virus blows a spanner in the works. “I will return to the Netherlands at the end of March, but my flight was canceled due to the corona virus.” As a result, he was forced to stay in the United States for more than 90 days.

“We immediately set off an alarm to control any consequences. The advice is not to leave the United States without a free ticket and never to return.” An appointment at the US Embassy in the Netherlands will guarantee her that license.

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Rhine will fly back to the Netherlands in November to collect his permanent visa. At the very least, that is the purpose. “Once at the US embassy, ​​he told me the application was not valid, but I was fined for staying in the US too long. The penalty is that I can no longer enter the United States for three years.”

Rihan, who is now pregnant with her second child, fell green on her roof. “I stood there with gas. None of this is possible, I thought. ”


Rihanna had a growing baby stomach, no home, and a suitcase full for a few weeks. The 28-year-old mother said, “I submitted a form to cancel the sentence. Processing that form is very time consuming and very expensive. “A good friend has set up a mobilization campaign to fund all legal action. The discount request form alone costs 30,930.”

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Meanwhile, the couple was able to convince an American congressman of the seriousness of their situation. “We have been given priority because of him and we are at the top of the list for relief.” But if that relief comes, it will already be too late for their second child to arrive.

“My deadline is March, so I’m not allowed to fly anymore. We are trying to get my husband to come to the Netherlands for childbirth, but it’s difficult.” A quick flight is certainly not possible due to the corona virus. I had to drive for three hours. “

In addition, she has a thirteen-year-old son from a previous relationship with her husband Jonathan. “Suppose he is not convicted, then he faces an inhumane choice. Will he leave his son in the United States or his wife and two young children in the Netherlands?”

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Screams frantically

It is unclear when they will be told whether the sentence will be commuted, and uncertainty is a burden on Rhine’s shoulders. “I try to look at the situation every day. I have nothing here, so I can’t really go anywhere. “Fortunately, she can go to the former neighbors. “I think staying with them is so special.”

But taking care of a 1.5 year old baby on your own is hard when you are overweight. “He is currently running in all directions. Sitting with him all day because he is locked makes me scream frantically nowadays. It is very difficult both physically and emotionally. ”

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But Rhine is in good spirits, hoping a permanent visa will be arranged shortly before birth. “When I give birth to our daughter and she reaches the age of flying, I will board the plane immediately.” But for now she is mainly looking for a suitable place to give birth. “Having two adults, a one-and-a-half-year-old and a newborn in a room in a family home is a bit tight,” Rhine admits. “We’re still looking for a gold tip related to a place to stay.”

Pende, her husband Jonathan and Little Lake:

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