Rabbit R1 is a “big scam” according to researcher

Rabbit R1 is a “big scam” according to researcher

The bright orange Rabbit R1 phone was the big surprise at the CES tech show earlier this year, and sold out within a single day. However, the first reviews were poor, with one well-known YouTuber even calling it a “scam.”

Humane’s AI tool has already been a critical failure, and the company is now reportedly up for sale. But unfortunately, the much cheaper Rabbit R1 doesn’t seem to live up to expectations. It has previously been shown that the device is nothing more than an Android app in a colorful package. CNET gave the device an A Skinny 6Android Authority found that the device is an app It should have been The Verge also found that you Pieces of bone With a smartphone.

YouTuber Coffeezilla takes it a step further Rabbit calls R1 “Scam”. He sees the disappointing device as a way for product makers to make quick money off the AI ​​hype. The researcher delved into the company behind the R1 and discovered that Rabbit Incorporation has a different name: until two months before the R1 was unveiled, it was called Cyber ​​Manufacture. This company has raised millions in investments in recent years, initially for an NFT project.

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According to Coffeezilla, $6 million has been raised for this project called GAMA. Jesse Liu, founder of Cyber ​​Manufacture, reportedly wanted to distance himself from the NFT hype by changing the name to Rabbit. But Coffeezilla has recordings of Liu talking about “significant investments” in the GAMA cryptocurrency.

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Rabbit’s CEO talks about the “next-level experience” and the “Gamaverse”: the language of hype we’ve known since the angry days of NFTs. Investors in the project are now wondering where their money actually went. This would not be the first time fraud has occurred in cryptocurrency investments. Is the money really in Rabbit R1?

Rabbit: “Taken out of context.”

Rabbit responded to Coffeezilla, stating that there can be no refunds in an NFT project, “unless the owner burns their NFTs on the blockchain,” according to Rabbit Incorporation. “We have not abandoned the GAMA project, it has been made open source and returned to the community,” the statement read. The statement said Liu’s recording was “taken out of context.”

But WeGPT founder Josh Ohlin has also been there before Criticism of the rabbit. He sees AI as the new excuse after NFTs for cowboys who want to raise a lot of investments quickly with big promises. Although many major companies are embracing AI, unlike NFTs, there is clearly hype here too that can be abused. After all, Rabbit has already raised between $20 and $30 million in investments, which probably won’t be recouped at the moment with the disappointing device.

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