What's happening at Microsoft?

What's happening at Microsoft?

One former Microsoft programmer doesn't have anything good to say about Windows 11's Start menu. He even described the menu's performance, which was disappointing even with powerful hardware, as “laughingly bad.”

Andy Young, former software engineer at Microsoft, He expressed his frustration about X. His post has gone viral, with countless other users having exactly the same experience with the Start menu in Windows 11. Like Young, they see that the menu often stutters when they search for a specific app.

Young is running Windows on a PC with very high specifications. For example, he has a €1,600 Intel Core i9 processor and 128GB of RAM in his computer, which far exceeds the minimum system requirements for Windows 11. Young: “My favorite is to open the Start menu, type “Notepad,” pressing Enter, then seeing Edge open through a Bing search for “otepad.”

The late CEO was also decisive

Interestingly, Mikhail Parakhin, former head of Windows Experiences, said earlier this year that he was also unhappy with some of the Start menu features. For example, he mentioned the lack of functionality to scroll through all apps without clicking on the All Apps option.

His team was said to be working on the problem, but after a recent reorganization he no longer works at Microsoft.

Almost everyone is working on artificial intelligence

Lately, Microsoft's focus seems to be more on AI features. This is how most employees in the Microsoft Teams department work Windows Central Recently I participated in Copilot AI projects.

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Young wonders aloud whether Microsoft is still improving one of the most important parts of Windows. “What's going on in Redmond?” he asks at the end of his letter.

More ads in start menu

Meanwhile, Microsoft has also angered users with its plan to display more ads in the start menu. Since this week, the company has also been displaying full-screen warnings to Windows 10 users about the end of support for the system next year, in the hope that this will help them switch to Windows 11 more quickly.

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