The municipality appears to have quietly launched its own app

The municipality appears to have quietly launched its own app

Since the end of March, smartphone users have been able to download an app from the municipality. The application works on both Apple and Android, but has not been widely announced yet.

The application contains, among other things, a waste guide, activities and a reporting form. Users can enter their address and then see, for example, work being done near their home.

Teething problems

Councilor Hester Van Buren (Services) wrote today that the municipality has kept the launch of the app on hold “to allow the number of users to increase in a controlled manner.” In response to questions From Volt Advisor Itay Jarmi. This is still the first version, which is being tested by a “selected group of Amsterdam residents” to monitor stability and identify teething problems.

According to Van Buren, the app has been downloaded about 5,400 times so far. The majority of users, about 3,400, have an iPhone.

“We are the first municipality to develop an app in this way,” explains Van Buren. “We investigated the need for an app for different types of services provided by the municipality. We chose to develop one app for this purpose.”

Van Buuren confirms that the development team is still working. She doesn’t want to announce the existence of the app, which works well at first glance, until “major new functionality” is added later.

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