Professional football and skating OKT can continue, youth "bright spot" |  strict insurance

Professional football and skating OKT can continue, youth “bright spot” | strict insurance

The closure announced by the Cabinet has once again had serious consequences for the sport. All indoor sports venues will be closed again for the time being. In practice, this means that not all recreational athletes can use gyms and gyms until January 14.

Senior professional athletes are excluded. They may continue to train and play matches, but without an audience. This applies, for example, to football clubs in the Eredivisie and the First Division. For example, the classic match between Feyenoord and Ajax can continue on Sunday, as can the Olympic Ski Qualifying Tournament in Heerenveen, where tickets for the start of the Beijing Olympics can be won from December 26-30.

Children up to the age of 17 can continue to exercise outside in the association until 5 pm. They can train and play matches among themselves in their club. Adults are only allowed to play sports alone or in pairs, within 1.5 metres. All amateur competitions are closed.

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I am pleased that the Cabinet now provides clarity and does not make all kinds of exceptions for sectors

Mark van den Toll (NOC * NSF)

NOC*NSF is delighted that youngsters up to the age of 17 can continue to exercise outside at their club, although only until 5pm during lockdown. “It’s the bright spot in the dark days ahead,” Director General Mark van den Toel said in a first response to the government’s announced shutdown.

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The closure means that all indoor sports accommodations will be closed from 5am on Sunday. The outdoor sports sites will remain open until 5 pm, but adults are only allowed to train alone or in pairs at a distance of 1.5 metres. Children up to the age of 17 are allowed to train and play matches in the association.

We see the latter as a big win, because frankly I didn’t count on that either. It is very important that children in particular continue to exercise, and this is good for their health in all respects,” says van den Toel.

The manager says the Sports Dome is not surprised by the strict closure. “This was coming. I am glad the government is now providing clarity and not making all kinds of exceptions for sectors. For example, you can’t play sports, but you can go to IKEA. I commend that flat line.”

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