Big Green Egg Open stage for world best Anna Nordqvist •

Big Green Egg Open stage for world best Anna Nordqvist •

The Big Green Egg Open will take place from 14 to 17 July at De Rosendaelsche Golfclub in Arnhem. The second edition, Anne Nordqvist, will welcome a highly respected and acclaimed player in the international golf world. But here in the Netherlands its name may not immediately sound familiar to everyone. Who is Anna Nordqvist?

record holder

Sweden’s Nordqvist (34) is a veteran of international tours, but has by no means been written off. She proved it once again by winning the prestigious British Open last year, leaving three players behind by one stroke at -12 at Carnoustie. With this win, she set a record: she is the first non-American to win three majors in three decades (the 2009 LPG Tour Championship and the 2017 Evian Championship).

As the winner of the British Open, she received $870,000; That made her total prize money over $10 million.

The first hole in the Solheim Cup

Nordqvist has participated in the Solheim Cup seven times and in 2013 achieved the first hole in the history of this continental duel between Europe and America. Additionally, she has recorded three wins on the Women’s European Tour and nine wins on the LPGA Tour. One of these is special from a Dutch perspective: In 2015 she narrowly won a blow from Kristel Boelgon at the Shop Rite LPGA Classic. It was the same year that Boeljon won the Dutch Women’s Open, then at The International.

What does Kristel Poligon have that Anna Nordqvist doesn’t? The title in the Dutch Women’s Open.

Nordqvist has yet to win that title, but that could change this year at the “new” edition of the Dutch Women’s Open, the Big Green Egg Open. The Big Green Egg Open is one of the 35 tournaments of the Women’s European Tour in 2022 and has a total prize money of €250,000.

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Nordqvist game

With an average distance with a driver of about 250 metres, Anna Nordqvist is not a high flyer; This puts it roughly 100th in the LPGA rating. But her driving often ends up in the driveway and she usually has a high percentage of greens in regulation. A stable player who masters all strikes, controls them well and does not take much risks. player to reckon with.

8 things you didn’t know about Anna Nordqvist

  • She was 10 years old when she held a golf club and didn’t like it. Only three years later, a love for sports arose.

  • So before she started golfing at the age of 13, she tried seven different sports.
  • She says her family and Sweden coaches Katharina Wangdal and Maria Bertelske have had the most influence on her career.
  • Her father’s name is Urban and her mother’s name is Maria; They work for the police and as a pharmacist respectively.
  • She has two brothers, Michael and Matthias.
  • Nordqvist studied at Arizona State University in Phoenix, America.
  • She married Scotts Kevin McAlpine in 2021 who is a former amateur golfer on the PGA and LPGA Tour (and perhaps the big inspiration behind Anna’s British Open victory at the Scottish Carnoustie…).
  • She has a dog Max that loves shoes.

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Dutch origins

Anna Nordqvist is the highest-ranked participant in the world rankings (around 20th). Charlie Hull, the famous British touring player, has promised to come to De Rosendaelsche. It has a position of around 30 and is at least Nordqvist’s biggest competitor on paper. But we also expect a lot of Dutch trumps with a “house edge”. Dewi Weber and Pasqualla Coffa will try everything to prevent these world champions from winning.

Come too!

Would you like to take a closer look at this beautiful battle at the Women’s World Golf Championship? which can. We welcome you to the De Rosendaelsche Golfclub in Arnhem from 14 to 17 July. Besides golf, there is a lot to do. Tickets are free!

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