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Most of the 109 bodies recovered from cult-related mass graves in Kenya are of children. This was reported by the Kenyan Home Minister, Keithor Kindiki. He adds that not all deaths may be due to starvation, as previously thought.

“Other methods were used, including torture,” said Kennedy, based on “preliminary observations.” The dead are followers of the Good News International Church sect. They would have been convinced that they would meet Jesus if they were starving. The graves were discovered in a forest near the port city of Malindi. Autopsies on the recovered bodies will begin on Monday.

The discovery was made in Chakahola Forest, which is the size of New York’s Central Park near the coastal town of Malindi. The investigation into the cult began after the police had recently rescued 11 members of the same cult from deliberate starvation. Four other members died on the way to the hospital.

hostile propaganda

Cult leader Paul Nthingi Mackenzie was arrested shortly afterwards and went on a hunger strike himself. He says he was unaware of the events that led to his supporters’ deaths, and claims he was the target of hostile propaganda from his former colleagues. He adds that he spends his time in detention praying.

Police initially found 21 bodies in the graves. “We only dug on the surface, so we are afraid we will find more bodies,” a police source said, speaking on condition of anonymity. On Monday, it was reported that 73 bodies had been found. So there are now 109.

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